SAN DIEGO — It’s no secret the pipe system in San Diego is old and needs some major fixing, with countless water main breaks causing severe flooding.

However, it looks like things may be improving as Mayor Todd Gloria held a ceremony in Otay Mesa to celebrate the end of a nearly three-month pipeline replacement project.

It’s shaping up to be a record-breaking year for in-house pipeline replacements for the city. For the past three months, crews have been working around the clock busting out the old pipes and putting in new ones.

The project help set a city record with nearly 4,000 feet of new pipe installment, which is four times the amount city crews repaired two years ago.

Mayor Gloria expanded the stormwater department’s pipe-repair efforts by adding a second in-house crew last year. Some of those members joined the mayor and Otay Mesa residents in signing their names on the final portion of the pipe before it was lowered underground and installed.

The mayor says they focused on they Otay Mesa area after a major flood overtook some of the homes. The pipes were old and outdated going back to the 1960’s, according to city officials.

The new pipes are expected to last for the next 100 years, Gloria said.

Gloria says the city has received millions of dollars from the federal and state governments. The overall project expected to last for the next 5 years.