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SAN DIEGO – Maya Millete’s 40th birthday was on Saturday. She’s a mother of three who disappeared without a trace nearly four months ago from her home in Chula Vista. Police have been tight lipped about her case. 

“It’s been really hard; it’s been really tough,” said Maricris Drouaillet, Maya’s sister.

Last year on Maya’s birthday, Maricris and her husband Richard Drouaillet celebrated with Maya in Temecula with wine and cheese.

This year, they’re celebrating Maya’s birthday without her.

“Wherever she’s at, she’s smiling down on us and we just got to keep that faith that she’s still with us and we’ll find her,” Richard said, “This is why we’re here, for her, we’re here for her.”

Most family and friends were present for the party at Fiesta Island Park, except Maya’s husband Larry and their three kids.

“Her kids should be out here celebrating with us, you know what I mean, her kids should be celebrating her birthday,” Richard said.

Maricris and Richard have been desperately searching to find her. The next search party is slated for Sunday morning. The community has showed up by the dozens to help find Maya and offer their support.

“It’s just overflowing you know, like it’s very emotional for us; we’re blessed,” Maricris said.