SAN DIEGO — The flight check-in area at the San Diego International Airport was rather quiet for Hawaiian Airlines Thursday morning.

It was due in part to nonessential travel being discouraged to Maui. One flight out in Thursday morning only had about 60 people on board.

A ticket agent told FOX 5, those travelers were mostly people who were connecting to other islands or people going to help in the firefight like FEMA representatives.

A lot of people in Maui right now, including tourists, are trying to get off the island. Many airlines are offering people $19 flights to leave.

On the flip side, Hawaiian Airlines is helping to bring in more first responders, equipment and supplies to the island to combat the fires.

FOX 5 spoke to a passenger named Deannie who was heading to Maui on the first flight out of San Diego Thursday. She explained how she was feeling.

“Just overwhelmed, just full of…I’m speechless. This only happens in movies,” said Deannie.

Several airlines are implementing flexible travel policies to make it easier for you to change your travel plans.