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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — A man suspected of firing upon two National City police officers Monday is also suspected of shooting a bounty hunter in Chula Vista last month, police said.

Christopher Marquez, 36, is suspected of exchanging gunfire with police officers shortly before 3 a.m. Monday at West 7th and Roosevelt, according to National City police. Police say shots were fired as police tried to stop a white Honda Civic in the Jack in the Box parking lot.

Officers cleared the area as they initiated a “high-risk” stop on the vehicle, NCPD Capt. Alex Hernandez told City News Service. One of the three people inside the car ran off.

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Police say two officers were chasing the man toward an Interstate 5 on-ramp when the suspect fired multiple shots at them. Officers returned fire as the suspect ran westbound across the freeway.

Hernandez said the driver and another passenger in the Civic are cooperating with police as officers search for the suspect. It was unclear if he was hit by gunfire. Neither officer was hurt, police said.

Marquez is accused of shooting a bounty hunter March 15 in Chula Vista, National City police said. Bail bondsmen had sent agents to locate Marquez and collect his bail debt, according to Chula Vista police.

The wounded bounty hunter, who asked FOX 5 to be identified only as Clark, told a reporter he was shot in the bicep and leg. He was taken to the hospital as a manhunt for Marquez ensued in the South Bay community.

Reflecting on the shooting last month, Clark said Marquez “tried to take my life that night.”

“Just trying to find cover, to make sure I didn’t get hit any more,” he said. “[I was] very scared that I would lose my life.”