SAN DIEGO — A man convicted of killing a U.S. Navy sailor in Point Loma back in 1990 was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison Friday.

Navy Petty Officer Larry Breen was found dead in his home on the corner of Nimitz Boulevard and Locust Street on May 25.

Authorities say it was discovered that he had two stab wounds to his neck.

For three decades, the case went cold.

That’s until DNA from a database was linked to this crime, and 52-year-old Brian Koehl ultimately as arrested last year in Tennessee.

While in trial, Koehl told the jury he acted in self-defense after Breen allegedly sexually assaulted him.

The victim was a cook stationed aboard the USS Fox, while Koehl was also in the Navy and stationed in Coronado at the time of the murder.

Koehl was given the maximum term sentence for the crime.