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SAN DIEGO — Loved ones are mourning the loss of 29-year-old Taylor Kahle, killed over the weekend when an apparently suicidal man jumped from an East Village parking structure and landed on her.

“Taylor’s father called me and I just remember just yelling, ‘No, no,’” said Laurel McFarlane, Kahle’s boss and dear friend.

It happened at about 7:25 p.m. Sunday near the intersection of J Street and Tenth Avenue. Police say the person who fell from the structure was taken to the hospital, where he later died. The 30-year-old man who was walking with Kahle was not injured in the incident.

Kahle was a native San Diegan and a graduate of San Diego State University. She also worked for McFarlane Promotions for nearly a decade.

McFarlane said she was “an incredible person” who will be sorely missed.

“She always referred to me as her second mom because her mom passed away,” McFarlane said. “I have one daughter and if my daughter ends up like her, I’ll be very proud.”

The past year brought McFarlane and Kahle even closer together as no events made for quieter days around the office. Kahle spent the last year living with her father during the pandemic and the two also were very close, according to McFarlane.

“He wanted people to know she was an incredible daughter and she loved her dad with passion,” she said. “She took care of him and he took care of her.”

By those who knew her well, Kahle was described as kind, hardworking and fiercely loyal. The incident also happened just shy of Kahle’s 30th birthday celebration where she had planned to go wine tasting in Temecula with Kahle’s dad getting a car to drive everyone around. Kahle even bought him a chauffeur’s hat to wear.

McFarlane said she was “just so excited about this party.”

By Monday evening, flowers, photos and cards were placed near the intersection where the tragedy unfolded. A celebration of life for Kahle will be planned in the coming weeks.