SAN DIEGO — Many San Diegans took to social media Tuesday night wondering about loud bangs felt and heard from Kearny Mesa to Mission Valley.

San Diego police confirmed to FOX 5 that the military were conducting a pre-planned training exercise.

On Jan. 27, Camp Pendleton tweeted to expect a noise advisory due to overnight live fire exercises from Jan. 28 – Feb. 5.

@1st_Marine_Div will be conducting continuous live-fire operations with high explosive munitions that may be heard throughout any time of the day or night,” the military base said.

Social media also saw a number of reactions to the loud noises.

“Idk what that was. Shook my whole house in pacific beach. Thought we were being bombed or there was about to be a plane crash. Saw what looked like jets flying low and in formation,” Twitter user Cory Zack said.

A tweet from Twitter user Quinton Tarantino said, “Anyone in San Diego hearing these explosion type sounds? Heard in Kearny Mesa and down to Mission Valley.”

Another person claimed they saw helicopters and police sirens.

“What’s with all the helicopters and police sirens I’m hearing?! I live in Serra Mesa looking West towards Linda Vista and I see helicopters and I hear police!”