SAN DIEGO — President Joe Biden announced new executive action on gun control Tuesday.

This comes as demonstrators held a “March to End Gun Violence” rally outside of the Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego.

Many of the students with “Our Time To Act United” applauded the president’s executive order to curb gun violence. 

“No more silence!” the demonstrators chanted. “End gun violence!”

“I want common sense gun control,” one speaker said. “I want gun buyback programs. I want most guns bans everywhere.”

President Biden signed an executive order to reduce gun violence, which includes efforts to increase background checks and public awareness of red flag orders and targets gun manufacturers.

“I was really focused on expanding background checks is super, super helpful which is another part of his executive action and again across the country that’s super, super important across the country, so that we can really see not incremental change but radical change,” said Sparky Mitra with Our Time to Act United.

But San Diego County Gun Owners criticized the order, releasing a statement saying:

“The Biden Administration is doing nothing more than virtue-signaling instead of addressing real problems with useful solutions. The President is doing nothing different than what already is being done. Making gun owners the villains means Americans will be less safe,” said Michael Schwartz, founder of San Diego County Gun Owners, a political action committee.

“I challenge them to come up with laws that they think that they do will prevent gun violence in our communities. Instead of just saying no to every new law, every new regulation, tell us how you plan to prevent gun violence in the communities,” Councilmember Marni von Wilpert said.

The president’s order will also encourage the FTC to issue a report on how gun manufacturers market to kids.