SAN DIEGO — A new non-profit is hitting the scene with a “dance-a-thon” to support youth mental health and anti-bullying.

The multicultural event, which was hosted by non-profit Motivated To Act, took place at Torrey Pines Church in La Jolla Saturday morning. October marks National Bullying Prevention Month.

With every move, 11-year-old Alex Yang and the Tiger Cub Dance Club danced to support anti-bullying.

“We have to stop bullying,” he said. “I mean it’s not really that good, to me it sounds messed up, I don’t think the bullies realize how they are treating people.”

For Yang, the cause is personal, having experienced bullying himself.

“It made me feel left out,” he recalled to FOX 5 about the experience. “I didn’t fit in with everyone. (It) made me feel bad, and I don’t want others to be treated like that.”

Motivated To Act — the new anti-bullying organization — hosted the multicultural dance-a-thon to bring attention to youth mental health. Stephen Tako, the co-founder and CEO of the non-profit said that showcasing cultural differences can help kids learn not to bully others.

“It’s a great understanding — a multicultural way of helping children learn that we are all here and yes, we are different and that’s good that’s a good thing,” Tako said.

As well as events like the dance-a-thon, Motivated to Act promotes a storytelling-based, anti-bullying curriculum to help promote healthy mindsets in kindergarten to third grade students.

“Our programs help children with their self-esteem,” Tako said. “A child that has a higher self-esteem is far less likely to be bullied because of the tools they have to build themselves up or to turn away from the bully.”