Local man hopes his videos will help ‘unmask the troublemakers’


SAN DIEGO – He doesn’t pick sides and he doesn’t want to show his face, but just know if you’re breaking into shops or setting things on fire, he may have your face on camera.

“Everyone has the right to protest,” said the San Diego man, who didn’t want to be identified. “I agree that you have the right to say whatever you want to even if I don’t agree with it. I don’t agree that anybody — the police the government or individuals — have the right to inflict harm or violence to get their point across.”

From the first protests outside La Mesa Police Department to rioting that spilled out into downtown La Mesa Saturday night to the riot in downtown San Diego Sunday night, he was there.

“Trying to unmask the troublemakers,” he said.

In some of his recordings you can see him aiding teargassed protesters by dousing water on their faces. In other videos, he’s helping steer police into vandalized buildings. He says through it all, he’s noticed a few things, mostly peaceful protesting.

“What the public doesn’t know or understand is that it’s a small percent of people taking advantage of the situation right now.”

He says at many of the rallies he’s been at, protestors in the front have been peaceful, but a few people in the back of the crowd start inciting trouble by throwing objects at police.

“Every object that is thrown, every act of vandalism, every fight that erupts, it drowns out the legitimate voice of protestors,” San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Monday night.

San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit agreed and said of the 95% people arrested Sunday night, at least a quarter were from out of town.

“There’s people that will come to this town with their sole goal of anarchy,” he said. “That’s destruction, damage and violence towards people, violence towards law enforcement and it’s just a a full disregard for anyone else.”

The man says he has reached to local law enforcement to offer access to his videos.

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