OCEANSIDE, Calif. — This week’s rainstorm made a mess for local farms.

Mellano Farmstand in Oceanside is cleaning up after the heavy rain and winds. The family farm closed its public farm stand on Thursday due to the weather.

The third-generation family farm has been through many rainstorms, but said it is rare they close their farm stand.

“Yesterday our farm had to shut down for safety reasons and our crews just couldn’t harvest,” Castellano said. “Our farmstand offers fresh produce and fresh flowers, but we couldn’t pick the 48 hours before, so today we’ve got the sun and we are back to work.”

Michelle Castellano, owner and operator of Mellano Farmstand and Mellano and Company, calls the rain a “blessing” and sometimes a “curse” for famers.

“The rain yesterday was a lot of rain at one time, and really this first week of January, we’ve had a lot of rain, so in many ways it is a blessing, we are so thankful for the rain, but it can be a lot of rain and it can cause damage to a field,” Castellano said.

The sun has been drying up a lot of the mud Friday, and Mellano Farmstand is back open to the public. The crews have started harvesting again, and their clean-up to-do list has begun.

“We have a lot of repair of plastic and shade structure on our crops,” she added.

There are repairs to be done on shade structures, gates and roads.

“We are a working farm, and all of our roads are dirt and so that rain can make a mess of them, so we have to take in a tractor and reset up our roads,” Castellano said.