SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego’s environmental committee voted unanimously Thursday to support a 2022 Climate Action Plan, which will work towards getting to net zero emissions by 2035.  

The new climate action plan will replace the previous one approved by city leaders in 2015, which was voted to reduce emissions by 50% by 2035. With this vote, the plan will now move to the San Diego City Council in July for a vote.

Climate activists rallied at the Civic Center Plaza before the meeting to ensure the plan passed.   

“Then slowly but surely, we just kept getting disappointed because the climate plan became less and less of a priority and we kept falling behind on all of our goals,” said Nicole Capretz, founder and CEO of the Climate Action Campaign. 

Capretz helped write the 2015 CAP, and now wants to see the city move forward with a new updated plan with hard deadline and goals.  

“Otherwise, we are just spinning our wheels,” Capretz said.  

The vote comes right after the Supreme Court ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency to be able to regulate carbon emissions.  

“If there is any lesson that we can get from the Supreme Court ruling, there is no cavalry coming – we are the solution here locally and it’s going to be up to our local leaders and our community to step up and say what is it going to take to come together collectively and implement this Climate Action Plan. It’s not enough to pass a plan we have to actually execute the plan,” Capretz said.