Local electronics manufacturer supplied parts to SpaceX ahead of historic launch


SAN DIEGO – As all eyes turn to the long-awaited SpaceX launch, now rescheduled for Saturday, San Diegans get to claim just a little piece of the historic moment.

The launch will mark the first time in history that a commercial aerospace company will carry people into the Earth’s orbit.

“You feel a sense of pride because you’ve worked on this and you know your products are in there. They’re contributing to a successful lunch, a successful mission,” said Amy Escobio, director of marketing for nVent SCHROFF.

A San Diego-based electronics manufacturer, nVent has been working with SpaceX for about the last five years. NVent encompasses a group of brands dedicated to connecting and protecting electrical systems. One of those brands, SCHROFF, focuses on enclosures and the mechanics that go into electrical boxes, providing SpaceX a part called a “card lok.”

“Our engineering team worked with their engineering team to design and test and validate this product. We were able to achieve over 800 pounds of clamping force from this tiny little device,” Escobio said.

The part is designed to clearly withstand a lot of force while holding sensitive electronics in place, making their primary use not only in the aerospace industry, but also defense.

“Because these devices go into a lot of military applications, they need to be built here in the United States,” Escobio said. “This facility here in San Diego is certified under International Traffic in Arms Regulations, so it’s heavily regulated and the best location to produce these is in San Diego, where so much of the industry resides.”

So when SpaceX prepares to launch its Falcon 9 rocket along with the Crew Dragon spacecraft Saturday, a piece of San Diego goes with it.

The launch is slated for Saturday afternoon in Florida, around 12:30 p.m. PST.

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