Local company answers call to boost production of ventilators

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SAN DIEGO — As hospitals operate under tremendous strain during the coronavirus pandemic, one local company is pitching in to help with their ventilator shortages.

More supplies — masks, gloves, gowns — are needed at hospitals across the country. Also in short supply are ventilators, the vital machines that help patients who are having trouble breathing on their own.

The government is urging companies to produce more ventilators — and San Diego-based ResMed is answering the call.

The company calls itself a “global leader in respiratory medicine.” On ResMed’s website, CEO Mick Farrell says, “ResMed is taking every measure possible worldwide to maximize the production of ventilators, masks and other respiratory devices. We are looking to double or triple the output of ventilators and scale up ventilation mask production more than tenfold.”

ResMed has products in 140 countries, with factories in Singapore and Sydney making the ventilators.

Farrell says the focus is to get the machines to those who need them most. “We are working with governments, health authorities, hospitals, physicians and patients worldwide to assess their needs, and to deliver the ventilation therapy that is essential to treat the respiratory complications of COVID-19,” Farrell says.

ResMed makes ventilators for both hospital and home use. Though they are pitching in to help during this time of crisis, it’s unclear exactly how many ventilators the company will send to California.

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