OCEANSIDE, Calif. — It’s been six days since fires erupted in western Maui, devastating the historic town of Lahaina and surrounding areas.   

The fires crept up on residents and tourists on Tuesday as a perfect storm of strong winds and dry conditions. Across the nation, people have stepped up to help, donating massive amounts of basic necessities as by some estimates, 4,500 people are displaced and in need of help. 

In Oceanside at 10th Planet Ju Jitsu, they began collecting goods almost immediately and then drove them up to Long Beach to be placed on containers bound for Maui. But word from relief workers on the ground and everyday locals pitching in to help is that they are overwhelmed with donations and ask people switch to financial assistance instead, made through reputable organizations like Red Cross.

However, if you’re still if your looking to donate in-person, Manna Fitness in San Diego will host a fundraiser Sunday. Owner Ida Veimau says the money will support five families she’s personally connected to, as well as anyone else who needs it.

“We have family and friends that have been impacted that live in Lahaina and on the outskirts of Lahaina, all the way up to Kihei,” Veimau said. “We can feel the emotions that they are going through so whatever we can do here in San Diego to support them and send them all the love and enjoy they need.”

Maui locals on the ground in Lahaina and surrounding areas confirm they are overwhelmed with food, water and basic necessities. They are asking for HAM and VHF radios, generators and solar panels with adaptors.