SAN DIEGO—More and more businesses are adding surcharges onto the receipt to deal with staffing issues and rising food costs.

At the San Diego International Airport, some restaurants have included a 2% charge on customers’ tabs in an effort to recruit and retain employees.

“I look at my bills when I eat out and if I saw something like that, it would probably dissuade me from eating there again,” said passenger Garrett Thor.

The San Diego International Airport now allows concessions to charge a 2% surcharge for employee benefits and retention, airport representatives confirmed Wednesday.

“I think it’s sad that’s where our businesses are at to try to keep employees at their jobs. I don’t think it’s fair as a buyer to get charged for that,” said passenger Kaili Waller.

Another receipt from a restaurant in Clairemont shows a 4% surcharge to “recoup food costs.”

“It’s interesting that they don’t say it upfront. They just kind of fine print it on the bottom and you just have to find out later why you have an extra charge that you don’t know about. I think it’s not fair,” said passenger Angel Ramirez.

“As with other industries, SAN concessionaires have had issues fully staffing their operations and have struggled to hire and retain appropriate staff to run their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said San Diego International Airport officials in a statement to FOX 5 Wednesday.

Airport officials say the surcharges are voluntary for restaurants inside and will be allowed through December 31.