SAN DIEGO — The FBI is warning travelers against using public charging stations.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calls it “juice jacking,” as criminals have found a way to use public USB ports to infect your phone with malware.

Heading to your next flight? If you’re waiting in the terminal, don’t use the free charging station.

FOX 5 went to San Diego International Airport to speak with passengers on the issue.

“I have used charging stations and I’ve never thought anything about it,” passenger Lynn Steiber said.

The FBI warns public charging stations at places like airports, hotels and shopping centers are vulnerable to hackers.

“I think hacking can happen everywhere these days,” passenger Cornelis Banoeveren said.

The FCC says hackers can infect your device with malware to access your phone and steal your information like passwords.

“It’s very concerning, but I’m glad for the warning,” Steiber said.

They warn travelers to bring your own portable charger or external battery and never plug your device into cables that are already there. Passenger Kimberly Jess only chargers her phone at home.

“Just my one at home,” Jess said. “I try to keep my phone charged by keeping the battery low.”

This also comes after San Diego International Airport also made it to the top of the 2017 Identity Theft Resource Center’s list as the airport you’re most likely to get hacked, making Steiber wary about being on her phone altogether.

“Right now, I have I think it was 38% and I was going to go in and charge and now I’m not going to. Maybe charge it on the plane or not use it quite as much as I would have,” Steiber said.

San Diego International Airport officials say at the moment they are not making changes to their charging stations.