SAN DIEGO — Creators and parents on social media are urging students to walk out on schools Friday across the nation in response to the recent mass shooting in Nashville.

Many activists FOX 5 spoke to say they are frustrated because they just marched at the Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego to end gun violence two weeks ago.

This was the previous time Sparky Mitra rallied outside of the Hall of Justice to end gun violence, but she says sadly it may not be here last.

“Every day making sure that people hear your voice and making sure that you’re really shutting down the streets. You’re really putting politicians and other leaders to task on making sure that they are addressing the crux of the gun violence problem,” Mitra said.

That’s why content creators on social media are now urging parents and students to walk out of schools across the country in response to the Nashville shooting.

“It’s disheartening with the shooting at Nashville. I thought that especially because it was—I always think that these things are preventable,” Mitra said.

Creators are urging families to keep their children home from school on March 31. They are also calling on educators to participate, too.

“I’m very heartened to see that there is a nationwide effort in direct response to the shooting. I think that this is the only way to get people to notice that you really like as John Lewis said ‘Make good trouble at every instance you can,’” Mitra said.

But San Diego County Gun Owners released a statement saying:

“Walkouts do not stop gun violence. A true commitment to solving the mental health crisis we see across California and the nation and protecting people’s ability to own and carry a firearm for self-defense will prevent and stop violent crime.”

The National Walk Out also falls on the same day a rally is expected to be held for LGBTQ+ and transgender youth across the country.