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SAN DIEGO — A six-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer is fighting for his life as his family urges the public for help to donate blood.

Local blood banks say they’re running short on blood and platelet donations, which is the one thing the Bergdahl’s need to keep their son, Quincy, alive. Berghdal is currently at Rady Children’s Hospital requiring continuing treatment.

His parents told FOX 5 there’s been a couple of occasions where they’ve needed transfusions — and there’s been zero available.

Bergdahl was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in February. The cancer is not rare, but it is rare to find it in someone younger than 40 years old.

His mom and dad said they’ve been living at Rady Children’s Hospital for the past four months since the diagnosis.

With schools on summer break and many blood banks held at schools, the Bergdahl’s say blood and platelets are hard to get right now. That is why they are asking people to donate. In fact, the family tells us that even some of the nurses are giving their blood to help.

Quincy’s mother, Teresa Berghdal, says she used to walk by donation centers and never stop in because she didn’t know how vital it was.

“I was completely unaware of this urgency for blood products, and I also wasn’t are that blood and platelets,” she said. “They expire after a few days and hospitals are always trying to replenish their shelves. If you haven’t donated yet, please ask yourself, why? My reason is because I just didn’t know about all of this. What is your reason?”

Quincy is currently in remission and will hopefully be out of the hospital in the next couple months, but he still has a number of transfusions he’ll need over the next few months.

For those who want to donate, click here for more information. There’s a blood drive happening on July 27.