ALPINE, Calif. – The founder of exotic animal rescue Lions Tigers & Bears in Alpine wants dozens of exotic animals, including white tigers and black jaguar rescued in Mexico, to be brought there for care. 

“They’re under fed. They’re fighting. They’ve bitten off each other’s tail. They have open wounds,” said Bobbi Brink, with Lions Tigers & Bears.

Brink explained that the Mexican government has raided a fake sanctuary in Mexico.

“There’s probably about 195 animals. We don’t have an exact number, and we are actually asking the Mexican government to do the right thing and send the animals to an accredited established sanctuary,” she said.

The animals were rescued from The Black Jaguar White Tiger Sanctuary in the hills above Mexico City. Their website looks legit enough, but according to Brinks, they are anything but.

“Some of the looks of the enclosures, maybe they’re not so small but there’s way too many in one and animals that don’t get along and obviously they’re not getting enough food. I mean if they are biting each other’s tails off and beating each other up, there’s a problem.” 

She also says anytime they advertise getting an up-close experience with the big cats, that’s a huge red flag. 

“It’s really important to know the difference in a true sanctuary and a fake sanctuary like this and the number one way you can tell the difference is if you can see the hands-on contact in the photos,” Brinks said. 

She and 60 other accredited sanctuaries are hoping to take some of the animals if they succeed, but right now, they’re going through red tape and raising money to send to the veterinarians now caring for the animals.

“We’re doing what we can to get medical supplies down there. They are feeding over 600 kg of food a day now, there’s no electricity and no water. They said they’re tracking water up the hill in water trucks,” Brinks said.

According to Brinks, there are no accredited big cat sanctuaries in Mexico. She worries if they are moved to another facility, it will be more of the same.