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LA JOLLA, Calif. – Lifeguards were warning the public Monday about a shark sighting near Black’s Beach in La Jolla.

A shark was believed to be in the area of Torrey Pines around 2:30 p.m. Monday after a sea lion was found in the surf line with a shark bite, according to San Diego Lifeguards. The agency sent out a boat, which spotted a 7-foot great white shark north of Black’s Beach outside of city waters.

The beach remains open, but swimmers are being warned about the sighting.

Speaking to FOX 5, beachgoer Chad Morrison said people were “a little startled” hearing about the sharks, but appeared in no rush to leave the water.

“The lifeguard came by and was parked right over here and had his loud horn on and (said) that there was a shark attack,” Morrison said. “I think they attacked a seal and people get out of the water and beware. People were just kind of looking around at him like, ‘OK.’

“Not too many people jumped out of the water, but he was mainly looking down toward La Jolla and noticed there was a shark attack.”

Lifeguards also say Torrey Pines State Beach may have been temporarily closed due to the sighting.