SAN DIEGO – Memorial Day weekend is already underway for some at San Diego beaches and bays looking to beat the crowds.

“We love to come to Fiesta Island. We did it today because Memorial Day it’s just packed, it’s hard to get a spot on the beach sometimes,” Danny Vurnham said on Friday.

As popular areas began to fill up Friday, local lifeguards and law enforcement put out important reminders to celebrate safely. Alcohol and glass containers are not permitted on the beach and people are asked to keep bonfires within the designated concrete ring.

“We come down and try to get out early to stake out a ring and it’s quieter,” said Suzanne Wood, who also chose to celebrate on Friday.

Both police and lifeguards will be stepping up their patrols, especially on Mission Bay near boat launch ramps to help remind people of the rules.

“California does require a California boater card in order to operate a vessel for anyone age 45 and under, so if you don’t have your boater card yet, we recommend you get that online before you put your boat on the water this weekend,” said Captain Maureen Hodges with San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Lifeguard Division.

Life jackets are always highly recommended and required for anyone 13 and younger. Lifeguards also always encourage checking in with them for safety areas to swim as water conditions can quickly change throughout the day.