LA JOLLA, Calif. — Conditions at the beach are perfect as long as visitors can get to the San Diego area on the busy holiday weekend. 

“Luckily there are spots where you can dump the family dump the gear and then dad gets a little time to go off and find some parking for a little while,” resident Ryan Scott said.

The sun is out and the water is warm but lifeguards say these soothing soft temperatures can sometimes hide the dangers. 

“Surfing this morning, landed on a stingray and it got me pretty bad on the bottom of my foot,” one surfer said.

With northwest swell creating deep channels in the sand bars, rip currents have been sweeping unsuspecting swimmers off their feet and into dangerous spots. 

“It’s been pretty consistent Friday through Sunday we’ve had over 50 rescues just in the La Jolla Shores area,” Sgt. Jon Maher with San Diego Lifeguards.

And, looking out at the sea of heads playing in the water can be very challenging for lifeguards to identify who needs help. 

Lifeguards launched their wave runners to help with patrolling because guards know even with the sunny skies and relatively small surf, a kids’ day at the beach can change into something very dangerous in a few moments.