SAN DIEGO – Two wastewater pipes in Tijuana are under repair after officials noticed sewage spilling Saturday.

The International Boundary and Water Commission said recently that about 30 million gallons per day are flowing into the Tijuana River Basin.  

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina says the leakage has not yet reached the ocean, but officials are expecting it to make its way into the water in early to mid-August.

Lifeguards have been checking the water daily to make sure they are able to warn those going to the beach.

“When I hear that 50 million gallons of sewage so far has spilled into the Tijuana River Valley, it only reminds me why the EPA’s comprehensive plan to fix this problem is the right approach,” Dedina said. 

Dedina says the EPA’s plan is to make more capture basins along the river valley.  

“It involves putting capture basins, in the river valley so when these spills happen it goes into a sewer system and doesn’t go into the ocean,” Dedina said.  

The IBWC says engineers have gone to asses the two broken pipes and are coming up with a plan to fix them. So far, they are expecting the repairs to take longer than expected, which at first was a week.   

“The pipeline is in tack but the structural integrity is questionable,” said Lori Kuczmanski, a public affairs representative for the IBWC.  

The sewage has not yet made it to the coast, but due to the number of gallons flowing, it is inevitable.

“It becomes like a river here, if you go in the water, but the time you go out to paddle, you are two to three blocks down the beach – it’s crazy how fast that moves, it’s like a sewage delivery current,” Dedina said.  

Dedina says it’s important to find solutions to fix this recurring problem.  

“We have to pay the price for this crumbling sewer system, that its why it’s important to get these fixes done immediately and support the EPA’s comprehensive solution,” Dedina said.