SAN DIEGO — A military contractor who went on the run weeks before his sentencing for orchestrating the “Fat Leonard” corruption scandal was taken into custody in Venezuela, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

Leonard Glenn Francis, who was under house arrest and removed his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet on Sept. 4, was picked up Tuesday morning in Caracas trying to board a plane out of Venezuela’s capital city by local authorities, the United States Marshals Service Southern District of California told FOX 5.

According to Venezuelan Interpol officials, Francis had entered the country from Mexico with a stopover in Cuba and was planning to fly to Russia, when he was detained at an international airport in Venezuela.

A $40,000 reward was issued on Sept. 9 for information leading to the arrest of Francis. He was first arrested in San Diego in 2013.

Francis plead guilty in 2015 to offering $500,000 in bribes to Navy officers who passed him classified information and redirected military vessels to ports that were lucrative for his Singapore-based ship servicing company. He ultimately defrauded the Navy of about $35 million.

The military contractor has been on house arrest since 2018.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.