SANTEE, Calif. — A civil lawsuit has been filed against the estate of the deceased pilot involved in a Santee crash that killed two people and destroyed homes in the process.

Attorneys for Maria and Philp Morris filed the suit, alleging five counts of negligence against the Suguta Das estate and the airplane manufacturer.

Maria was severely burned when the plane, being piloted by Dr. Das, slammed into the side of her house, creating a ball of fire that scorched her face and hands.

“Ultimately the pilot is responsible for the safety and flight of the aircraft,” said Timothy Loranger, the plaintiff attorney representing the Morris family.

Video shows the C340 Cessna flying at speed straight into the Santee neighborhood, crashing into two homes and a UPS van, in turn, killing the driver.

Attorneys for the Morris family will now be able to examine the wreckage to build their case.

“And while we certainly are not wanting to make Dr. Das’ family suffer any more than they have, our clients have been very badly injured, there was a UPS driver who was killed, there are people whose homes have been damaged,” said Loranger.

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the accident, but attorneys for the plaintiff are expected to get access to the latest information about what happened in the accident.

The lawsuit is asking for unspecified damages and could be seeking millions of dollars.

“There is no replacing a life, but they’ve been very seriously harmed as well,” said Loranger.