SAN DIEGO — On the 10th day of the preliminary hearing for the man accused of murdering his wife, May “Maya” Millete, the judge ruled that Larry Millete will stand trial.

“It appears to the court that there is probable cause to believe that the defense’s counts one and two have been committed and that the defendant is guilty thereof,” Judge Dwayne Moring said Wednesday morning.

“May Millete did not just fall off the face of the earth, she lived for and adored her children, she would not and did not leave voluntarily, her children,” Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles said during her closing arguments. “The only person who had a motive, who spoke of the desire to hurt her, is the defendant.”

Bowles said Maya had every intention of living her life after Jan. 7, 2021 and loved her kids, her career, her family, friends and her life.

The defense’s closing arguments were met with several objections by the judge, and Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles saying Bonita Martinez, Larry’s attorney, was stating facts that were not in the evidence of the preliminary hearing. Martinez’s closing arguments discussed that Maya’s body has not been found and that Maya wanted to leave and live a “single life.” She argued that there is no documentation of Larry hurting anyone, including the man Maya was having an affair with.

Bowles and Judge Moring cited court cases where others have been found guilty of murder without evidence of a body.

“This is still not the end… we need to bring our sister home,” Maricris Drouaillet said through tears after the hearing ended. “It’s shocking, I couldn’t believe my brother-in-law for almost 20 years went to that extent and my sister suffered so much.. I didn’t know… I wish I would have known, I probably could have helped her better.”

Maricris said this preliminary hearing was the first time they had heard and seen some of the evidence displayed in the case, including confirmation of Maya’s affair and Larry’s alleged purchasing of spells to prevent Maya from getting a divorce.

Drouaillet said they are still continuing to search for Maya’s body.

The judge ruled Larry can still have communication with his three children. The three kids are in the custody of Larry’s parents. Drouaillet said they get to see the children for eight hours, two days a month.

Larry Millete’s trial date is set for Sept. 14.