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SAN DIEGO — A large tent will soon serve as a “bridge shelter” for homeless San Diegans in the Midway District.

The Lucky Duck Foundation, a San Diego nonprofit, is partnering with the county and the city to provide the structure. As the name implies, bridge shelters are considered temporary solutions to get people off the street and hopefully connect them to long-term resources.

Drew Moser, the group’s executive director, says that Lucky Duck will donate the tent and cover the cost of constructing it. The San Diego Housing Commission will choose a service provider that heads up operations, including intake of homeless residents and connecting them with mental health services. Ideally, people who stay in the tent will later be transferred to permanent housing.

One of the tents, which can fit 150 beds according to the county, will be placed in the Midway District by July.

“We are poised and ready to do more of these types of strategies that get people off the street quickly and provide a brighter path. It’s proven and it’s cost effective and it’s humane,” Moser told FOX 5. “There’s many many benefits to this approach — so we’re poised and ready to do more.”

You can learn more and contribute to the Lucky Duck Foundation on its website.