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LA MESA, Calif. — Protesters gathered outside La Mesa Police Department headquarters Tuesday evening to take part in a demonstration calling for police accountability.

The group is demanding the arrest of former La Mesa police officer Matt Dages, who was involved in the controversial arrest of 23-year-old Amaurie Johnson in May. The City of La Mesa announced Friday that Dages is no longer employed by the city “in any capacity,” but did not clarify whether Dages resigned or if he was fired.

Johnson, a La Mesa man who was the subject of the May 27 arrest as he stood waiting for friends near the Grossmont Trolley Station, filed suit last month against the city and several members of the police department, his attorney said.

The group is also calling for the firing and arrest of Detective Eric Knudson, who is accused of firing a beanbag at protester Leslie Furcron outside the department in May.

The demonstrators were met by some counter-protesters. Within the first hour, police had detained one person.

FOX 5 reached out to the police department, but officials have not publicly commented on the actions being called for.