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LA JOLLA, Calif. – A peaceful protest Friday in La Jolla drew an estimated crowd of hundreds showing up to share the message that Black lives matter.

The protest began after 1 p.m. with organizers handing out carnations and extra signs to protesters. Many took a knee as they listened to speakers in La Jolla Cove before much of the multi-generational crowd hit the streets for the demonstration.

“There is momentum and I think we need to capitalize on that to make ourselves heard,” protester Carlotta Hernandez said, “to be a louder voice for Black lives for our brothers and sisters who are suffering more than any of us are or will ever suffer and so we need to stand with them.”

Similar protests have been held in the days and weeks since Minneapolis man George Floyd was killed while in police custody on Memorial Day.

In most, protesters have called for justice for Floyd as well as an end to police brutality and racism against minority communities. Some also have rallied behind “defunding” police departments in a push for municipalities to reallocate taxpayer funds to other areas.

But one woman said Friday she was marching for the sake of her grandchildren.

“I want them to be treated equal and for them to have a better future and the same opportunities that everybody else does,” said Virginia Flores, holding up a sign with two pictures of her grandchildren.

Protesters marched to Windansea Beach, at times drawing support and applause from people along the route.

“I see action,” Hernandez said. “I hope that this leads to progress and change. That’s why we’re here.”