SAN DIEGO — Years of rot from storms and neglect have resulted in a fence standing on the edge of the La Jolla Cove with a little more than paint holding it together in spots.

“It’s finally come down to, we need to get it done,” said Bob Evans, the president of La Jolla Parks and Beaches INC.

After years of complaining about the issues to the city, The La Jolla Parks and Beaches INC, an association of locals, are vowing to fix the fencing without the city’s help.

“I can stand here and pound my fists and scream. We deserve, we are owed, the community needs this now, but that’s not going to get it done,” Evans said.

The city has agreed to meet with the group and discuss what services might be accomplished by the community group on Thursday.

Evans hopes to raise $100,000 to revitalize roughly two miles of fencing from Goldfish Point to Whale Viewpoint.