La Jolla annual tradition blesses pets in honor of religious celebration


LA JOLLA, Calif. — Owners and their pets were blessed Sunday morning by a reverend from the Congregational Church of La Jolla.

The blessings are a part of a yearly tradition.  

“Every year we try to have a blessing of the animal celebration, in honor of the Feast Day of Saint Francis, which is Oct. 4,” Reverend Tim Seery said. “It’s an important day to really honor the important role their animal companions have in their lives.”

The event was the church’s first in-person service since the pandemic started, which was held outside to accommodate the pups.

“People haven’t been to a church service in so long and it was even more important because our animal companions really played an important role in the isolation and helping get us through the pandemic and all its isolation,” Seery said.

Several owners took their dogs to get blessed. Beth Beson, of Pacific Beach, said her dog Seuss had a tough start and wanted to get him blessed.

“He started life with parvo and distemper, so he was actually in quarantine until he was about seven months old and then he came to live with me and I was able to quarantine him at my house,” Beson said.

After 18 months of virtual services, Reverend Seery is thankful for the outcome.

“I’m so pleased we were able to do this and I’m so proud that San Diego is trending in a good direction, so that we are able to open up and to do more of these events,” he said.

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