SAN DIEGO — Postcards for jury summons, which were first launched in the Central Courthouse in late July in replacement of paper mailings, will soon expand throughout San Diego County, officials said.

Beginning later this week, jurors summoned to the North County Courthouse should receive postcard summons with reporting dates for the week of Sept. 15 and beyond, the San Diego Superior Court said in a news release Wednesday.

In East and South County, postcard summonses are expected to be distributed to those residents starting in September with first reporting dates of Oct. 13 for jurors summoned to the East County Courthouse and Oct. 30 for jurors summoned to the South County Courthouse.

The QR code on the postcard will take summoned jurors to a portal to fill out an online questionnaire, request a postponement, transfer to another location or request an excusal, according to court officials.

Most of the jurors that have responded to the Central Courthouse while postcards have been in use have finished their questionnaire before arriving, which lets staff record attendance right away by scanning the code, according to the court.

The postcards are also believed to be more cost effective and result in less waste.

“The success of our test run of the postcards at the Central Courthouse has thoroughly
surpassed expectations and we are excited to expand the use of the postcards to the
other courthouses,” Presiding Judge Michael T. Smyth said. “We are getting jurors
checked in faster and sending jury panels to courtrooms between an hour to an hour and
a half sooner. Less time spent waiting is a huge improvement to the juror experience.”

For jury assistance, the services staff is available Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to noon at 619-844-2800.