SAN DIEGO — The placement of yet another sexually violent predator to the Jacumba community was approved on Tuesday, according to a press release by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

A judge on the Superior Court of San Diego County signaled the greenlight for William Stafford to become the fifth active SVP in the border town. There’s now one SVP for every 108 Jacumba residents, according to Supervisor Joel Anderson’s office.

The community isn’t happy. Anderson, who represents Jacumba in District 2 of the County Board of Supervisors, expressed disappoint on behalf of his constituents in a press conference.

“To say that I’m disappointed with this decision is an understatement,” said Anderson. “When Jacumba now houses 71.4% of all of San Diego County’s SVPs, our judges are turning this disadvantaged community into a de facto village for SVPs.” 

According to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, Stafford was convicted of numerous offenses, including rape and unlawful intercourse with a minor. Anderson pointed out the proposed location to place the newest SVP is merely 300 feet from a bus stop for Mountain Empire Unified School District students.

(Visual released by the Director of Communications for Supervisor Joel Anderson)

“Given the criminal history of this SVP, it is irresponsible for Liberty Healthcare and the Superior Court to even consider a placement so close to where children daily visit,” said Anderson.

The supervisor says he is planning to propose before the full board that county staff conduct investigations into potential SVP placement locations.