SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Salvation Army held their annual Thanksgiving dinner Thursday at locations throughout the county.

It was beautiful weather outside for hundreds of people who showed up at their downtown San Diego location.

Before opening at 11 a.m., people formed a line down the block. However, no matter what brought people to the event in downtown, they did so with a smile on their face.

“I like the way I see everybody happy,” said Michael Ramos, a Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal guest.

The event allowed people to share a hot meal, a laugh, along with each other’s company.

“I enjoy the vicinity. Every year it gets better,” Ramos said.

“This feels like the best way to start a day of sharing thanks with people,” said Sarah Lathers, a ten-year Salvation Army volunteer.

Lathers said it is not Thanksgiving without volunteering at the Salvation Army.

“It’s the thing that I look forward to. It’s the thing I love to do My family will say ‘when are you going to volunteer?’ It’s our routine.”

It is also a routine for San Diego Police Chief Dave Nisleit, who has volunteered with his wife and daughter for five years.

“It’s my ability, my opportunity to give back to the community. It’s something my family and I really enjoy,” said Nisleit.

The Salvation Army said they made 600 meals at their downtown location, 300 at their Clairmont location and 800 at their El Cajon location.