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SAN DIEGO – Hours after a mysterious monolith was spotted Tuesday in San Diego’s Scripps Ranch area, it was removed and hauled away by a group of friends.

Now the group says they want to keep the mystery of the monolith alive.

“A girl knocked it down and it was broken into a few different sections,” one member of the group said.

Monoliths continue to pop up around the world, capturing the attention of millions, including some locals for a brief period in San Diego. Some were upset the metallic monolith of unknown origin was knocked down less than a day after its arrival.

But members of the group, who asked not to be named for this story, say they ended up with most — if not all — pieces of the structure.

“People were gonna take it and scrap it,” another member said. “That is the truth. What people have been saying, like, they would have gotten the 30 bucks for each side of it, so why not fix it and try to bring some decency out of a situation when it was getting ripped apart?”

A San Diego Police Department spokesperson said officers are not investigating the incident because there is no victim, and the monolith is considered abandoned property.

After it landed in their possession, the group cleaned graffiti from the facade and pieced it back together at an undisclosed location. And they say San Diegans likely haven’t seen the last of it.

“It’s going to pop up somewhere,” a group member said. “We don’t know when, but it will be in the county somewhere.”

But for those hoping for an extraterrestrial ending, this monolith doesn’t fit the bill. Instead of alien tracks, it’s branded by California Sheet Metal, an El Cajon based company.

The company did not immediately respond to a reporter’s request for comment.