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PINE VALLEY, Calif. — The Border 32 Fire has forced hundreds of people out of their homes, with many of them having to sleep at an evacuation center overnight Wednesday.

Dozens of evacuees still remained at the evacuation center at Mountain Empire High School during the day Thursday.

“When I told my mom, hey there is a notification that a fire is coming on, we should look into that…and we starting getting more and more, and it made me more worried,” Ysabella Ledesma, who evacuated with her family, told FOX 5.

People and families have said they got out as fast as they can, as the Border 32 fire rages close to homes.

“It wiped everything out, the only thing I have left is the clothes on my back, so far I saved one of my dogs and two of the cats,” said Ronnie Fukuda, who lost his home in Potrero to the Border 32 Fire.

When the fire broke out, San Diego County sent evacuation orders for more than 400 homes. Dozens of people came from Potrero to the evacuation center at Mountain Empire High School.

“It wasn’t easy, but thank god for the Red Cross,” Ysabella’s father Ruben told FOX 5. “They really helped us out. They did the best that they could.”

The American Red Cross’ San Diego Chapter is running the evacuation center. They are providing immediate needs such as meals, water, health services and more.

“Also just being a comforting ear for people to listen to and lean onto in a hard time,” said Dana Simmons, the regional communications manager for American Red Cross Southern California region.