WARNING: The videos in this story contain explicit language and graphic images that viewers may find disturbing.

SAN DIEGO – Police on Friday released body-worn camera footage of multiple officers opening fire on an armed robbery suspect in a Logan Heights alleyway after he appeared to pull a firearm from his jacket.

The more than nine-minute video includes portions of surveillance footage captured about 7:30 a.m. Monday from inside Mullens Market and Liquor in the 3000 block of Imperial Avenue. In it, 21-year-old Isaac Andrade approaches a store clerk at the market’s counter and shows them a large knife he’s holding in his left hand as part of a robbery attempt.

Andrade, a San Diego resident, made off with an undisclosed amount of money before he was shot and killed just minutes later by officers in the south alley of 3100 Imperial Ave. Three officers – Michael Martinez, Michael Muniz and Angel Vidrios – were placed on administrative leave following the shooting.

The incident remains under investigation this week.

Dispatch audio included in the video picks up after Andrade left the store. It notes his description and that he was last seen walking eastbound in an alley toward 31st Street. Responding officers then spotted him in that alley, police say.

In Muniz’s body-worn camera footage, the six-year department veteran is seen exiting his vehicle and walking in the direction of Andrade, who was wearing dark-colored clothes and a hoodie over his head.

“Don’t reach for nothing, don’t reach for nothing,” one officer says to Andrade.

Despite the orders, Andrade appears to reach into his jacket. He can be seen holding the same knife from the robbery in his left hand and a black airsoft pellet pistol in his right hand. It then appears he points the pistol in the direction of Martinez, who was closest to him in the alley.

One officer shouts, “Get on the ground!” before a near consistent stream of gunfire is heard from officers for about 30 seconds.

In Muniz’s video, Martinez can be seen falling backward into the alley as the shooting commenced. It’s also captured in his own body-worn camera footage. He is on the ground only momentarily and continued to fire his weapon before returning to his feet and retreating behind a police vehicle to reload.

The department said that Martinez, who has been with SDPD for five years, believed that he’d been shot, but that it “turned out not to be the case.”

A map released Friday, Jan. 14, 2022 shows where San Diego police officers encountered 21-year-old San Diego resident Isaac Andrade on Monday in Logan Heights. (Credit: San Diego Police Department)

The third angle of the shootout came from Vidrios, a six-year veteran who was with an officer trainee at the time. His audio does not pick up until roughly 45 seconds after he exits his vehicle, but video shows him firing in Andrade’s direction from a grassy hillside bordering the alley. According to the department, the trainee, who was not named, did not fire a weapon in the exchange.

When Vidrios’ audio cuts on, Andrade is seen down on his stomach in the alley and Vidrios radios in: “No officers down,” he said.

The last portion of the released video is from Martinez’s body-worn camera. It shows at least six officers, most with guns drawn, approaching Andrade. One officer puts his foot on the airsoft pellet pistol and the knife and drags it away from Andrade’s body. Both were later recovered by police.

They then roll Andrade over onto his back where a gunshot wound is seen in the upper-left portion of his chest.

“MPD 55,” Martinez says over the radio. “Let’s start medics. Roll them in now. Compressions have started.”

Multiple layers of investigation now will take place about the shooting, according to police. Among them, the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will determine if the officers bear criminal responsibility for the incident and the Internal Affairs Unit will review it for policy violations.