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PACIFIC BEACH, Calif. – Crowds packed out the beaches for the 4th of July. A full crowd could be seen at Pacific Beach as sunbathers laid out on the sand, the boardwalks full of pedestrians, and lines at nearby restaurants growing longer.

With multiple closures at other beaches in Southern California, it was unclear just how big the turnout would be in San Diego.

“We didn’t know what to expect actually with other closures in the area of how we were going to be inundated but it seems pretty regular for the 4th of July with definitely a lot of people,” said Marine Safety Lt. Rich Stropky.

Closures at other beaches came as concerns grew over increasing coronavirus cases. But in spite of the case surges and warnings for people to take precautions, many were not wearing masks or social distancing in Pacific Beach. Instead, the crowds looked very similar to crowds in years past.

“This is pretty normal for the 4th of July,” Stropky said. “It’s definitely not anything extraordinary because it’s always extraordinary on the 4th.”

While people enjoyed their time at the beach, lifeguards warned beachgoers that stingrays were in the area after several people had unfortunate encounters.

“You’ve gotta get those feet shuffling when you’re going through the water and try not to step on top of those stingrays otherwise you will get stung and then you’ll have to come and see us,” Stropky said.