IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. — The Imperial Beach Pier will undergo additional restoration that will temporary close the pier for up to a maximum of 14 days, the Port of San Diego said in a press release Thursday.

The approved $1.5 million plan aims to “enhance the safety, functionality and longevity of the pier’s infrastructure,” according to port officials. It focuses on the replacement of two piles, retrofitting utility line support systems, routine maintenance, repairs to utility lines and conduits, rewiring lighting and electrical panels, corrosion removal and coating, and architectural work for enclosure and protection of the electrical room.

“For us locals, having a landmark like IB Pier is something we take pride in,” said Commissioner Dan Malcolm, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners. “These improvements and the years of projects and investment the Port has poured into this iconic pier, will ensure it continues to be a part of the fabric of IB culture and draw visitors to our waterfront for many generations to come.”

Dates for the closure have yet to been determined by the contractor, but the California Coastal Commission does require closures to only happen during the work week, as the pier must reopen on weekends.

About $3.5 million has already been invested into the pier since 2020, with upgrades that include an artistic shade canopy in a shark and water design over the pier extension, stainless steel cable railing for improved ocean and beach views, artistically designed activity placard set up along the railing, among others.

A third phase of work at IB Pier, which was approved by the Board in August 2023, will also begin in summer 2024, port officials said. The construction of that includes new pier deck extension, shade-canopy, structural support, additional lighting and utility improvements.