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SAN DIEGO — Missing Chula Vista mother Maya Millete told a friend that her husband might hurt their children to get back at her for leaving him, according to a new court filing by prosecutors.

That revelation and others, found in the district attorney’s request to deny Larry Millete bail last week, provided the latest insight into the couple’s crumbling marriage in the time before Maya vanished nine months ago. Larry is behind bars on suspicion of killing his wife, which he denies.

According to the filing, a friend told police that in December 2020, Maya made the statement: “I don’t think he would hurt me, but I think he would hurt the kids to get back at me.”

Prosecutors say that the mother of three, who worked for the Department of Defense in Point Loma, did not explain further what she meant.

On another occasion, the DA’s office says Maya warned of Larry’s capacity for anger. “Larry does have a scary temper,” she wrote in a June text message, according to the filing. “Nothing the people outside of the family have seen.”

The attorneys also wrote that Maya had “strategized how she might serve (Larry) with divorce papers because she was concerned about his reaction.”

“She considered going somewhere and then having him served, and even made a contingency plan to stay at a friend’s vacant condo, but May did not want to leave her kids,” prosecutors wrote, using a nickname the mom was also known by. “She didn’t want the kids to be with the defendant when he found out she was seeking a divorce.”

The DA’s office also claims Larry had used the children to keep tabs on their mother. “Witnesses reported to police that on at least one occasion, the defendant used one of his children’s cell phones to track May’s location,” the request reads.

On Thursday, the father lost jail phone privileges after racking up at least nine hours in calls with his kids despite being ordered not to contact them, according to a judge.

A comprehensive affidavit filed by a detective on the case earlier this month revealed other details about the time before Maya’s disappearance, including Larry’s research on poisons, his hiring of “spellcasters” to harm or control his wife, and his obsession with keeping a man who Maya had an affair with away from her.

In court filings and several text exchanges with FOX 5 over recent months, Larry and his attorney have denied any wrongdoing and accused police, media outlets and Maya’s family of treating him unfairly.

He formally pleaded not guilty to murder and a weapons-related charge earlier this month.