SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria addressed residents’ concerns over several potholes surfacing after recent rain during a Saturday news conference.

The City of San Diego is recovering after its battered streets were hammered by the relentless rains in the past few weeks.

“We normally have somewhere around 200 pending complaints,” said Todd Gloria, the mayor of San Diego. “We have nearly 2,000 pending right now that gives you a sense of the size and enormity of the challenge.”

City crews have been ordered to work around the clock to patch the streets back together. Gloria said he hears frustration from community members.

“I have seen the social media posts I know you are upset. You can do that, but when you’re done doing that please get on the city’s ‘Get It Done’ webpage, download the app and report what you see in the community. We can only fix what we know about,” Gloria explained.

Some residents told FOX 5 about their experiences with potholes near their homes.

“This time it got a lot worse because of the rain,” said Susan Hulbert, a Linda Vista resident. “I was afraid I was going to break the axle on my car when I was backing out of the driveway.

FOX 5 asked Hulbert how fast city crews came out to fix her problem and she responded, “less than a week.”

Nine crews are in operation to fix the potholes, they hit about 20 different locations in a single day.

City administrators said new road workers are being onboarded by the dozens to fill the potholes and start to address the systemic road issues suffering from decades of neglect.

“The major thoroughfares, Linda Vista road was not long ago, resurfaced,” Gloria said. “We’ve got work going soon on Park boulevard through Balboa Park. Convoy (street) is on deck in Kearny Mesa. That focus on major thoroughfares where not dozens of people but tens of thousand drive, I think that will make an appreciable difference.”