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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — A National City neighborhood was reeling Thursday from the news that a 16-year-old boy was shot at a nearby intersection the night before.

The shooting left the boy on life support, according to National City Police Department.

A witness who spoke to FOX 5 Thursday said he was out for an evening jog when he noticed people arguing at the intersection.

“One guy shoved another one. I was like, ‘OK, what’s going on?’ I started running and I heard ‘pop, pop, pop,'” the witness told FOX 5. “I knew some guy brought a gun. It was sad to see. When I turned around, I saw somebody drop and immediately I just ran for my life.”

The man ran home and made sure his children stayed inside. Then they heard a police helicopter overhead.

Other neighbors shared similar stories, saying they heard a series of loud pops and got down on the floor inside their homes.

Just after 9 p.m. Wednesday, officers found the teen on the ground near the intersection of East 16th Street and Euclid Avenue, east of Interstate 805, National City police Sgt. Vincent Fernando said in a news release. Officers rendered first aid to the teen before he was taken by ambulance to a local trauma center.

Police consider his injuries to be “non-survivable,” Fernando said. The agency did not disclose his name.

Witnesses told investigators they saw “three unknown suspects” running away from the shooting scene. No descriptions of the attackers were provided and few other details on the incident were shared.