SAN DIEGO — The northbound and southbound State Route 163 connector to northbound Interstate 5 will close Monday night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., said Caltrans. 

The northbound I-5 off-ramp to Hawthorn Street/San Diego International Airport will also be closed. Caltrans said crews will be removing temporary concrete barriers.

Traffic officials have advised motorist to take the following detours:

Northbound SR-163 to northbound I-5: continue northbound on SR-163 to westbound Interstate 8 to northbound I-5.

Southbound SR-163 to northbound I-5: exit onto Tenth Avenue, turn left on A Street, and left onto Eleventh Street to northbound SR-163 to northbound I-5.

North I-5 to Hawthorn Street/San Diego International Airport: continue northbound I-5 to India Street via the Sassafras Street off-ramp, turn left onto Sassafras Street, left onto Pacific Highway, and right on West Laurel Street to North Harbor Drive following the signs to San Diego International Airport.

The scheduled maintenance could change if there is inclement weather or traffic incidents. Caltrans said travelers can check QuickMap online for real-time traffic information, such as road closures due to construction and maintenance activities.

Caltrans said nearby residents and businesses can expect nighttime construction noise and lights. Crews will work to minimize noise and impact on all nearby communities.