SAN DIEGO — Friday is the second day of a hunger strike organized by Iranian Circle of Women International Networking. It is taking place at Balboa Park House of Iran until Sunday.

Participants are joining in to stand against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s reported oppression of the Kurdistan region.

“I’m a mom. When mom sees their children have been killed, and they pull them and they still say ‘down with dictators,’ that is something that being hunger is not comparable, but still the most thing I can do,” said Sara Kamangar, a Kurdish refugee from Iran.

United in anger and frustration, several people join a hunger strike at Balboa Park’s House of Iran. It is a solidarity stance against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s brutal crackdown on protest in Iran’s Kurdistan region.

Kamangar said the Islamic Republic executed her father in front of her when she was 8 years old.

“It’s emergency, they need action, they don’t need diplomacy, it’s emergency and they need to act to stop Islamic regime to killing my people,” Kamangar said.

Iran has seen more than two months of carnage and civil unrest sparked by the death of 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish Mahsa Amini in morality police custody. Each day, there are more reports of people being attacked and killed by the Republic.

“We are here because it is urgent and we say no more genocide,” said Hamoun Dolatshahi, Kamangar’s son who is taking part in the hunger strike.

Dolatshahi dressed in the traditional white clothing that is put on an Iranian who has died. Dolatshahi said he calls for more attention on what is happening in Iran.

“This is a revolution. Iran people are overthrowing their government. They are asking for freedom; they are asking for a different kind of future for themselves,” Dolatshahi said.

Ruja Kia, with Iranian Circle of Women International Networking, says there’s a need to hear the voices of all those that are oppressed. Kia added that Kamangar reached out to her to let her know she was doing a strike as the organization joined to support her for four days.

They plan to camp outside from Thursday to Sunday at Balboa Park House of Iran.

“The hope for us is we can be an echo of the voices from inside Iran,” Kia said.

Kamangar says she will stay on the hunger strike for as long as she can.