SAN DIEGO — The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has kicked off its airshow this weekend. The theme is “America’s Airshow: Presented by the United States Marine Corps.”

It draws in thousands of people throughout the weekend to see the storytelling of civilian and military aircraft.  

“Here to enjoy the show, take a little time to appreciate all the other stuff that is out here. I get see some one-of-a-kind airplanes like the B-29 and the PBY that are here…a lot of pieces of history that show up that we get to appreciate,” said Kyle Wilson, a military member who attended with his wife Astrid. 

“I really like the Red Bull helicopter and the Red Bull airplane. I think it’s super nuts what they do, I can’t imagine flipping around that many times without feeling a little dizzy,” said airshow attendee Astrid Wilson.

From the sky, people witnessed both civilian and military aircraft twisting, falling, turning and staying in formation while pushing the limits of flying.

The rain didn’t dampen the mood. That is where FOX 5’s Alani Letang met some of the Scripps Ranch High School Junior Air Force club students, staying dry underneath the wing of an F-18 jet.  

“It’s really fun, I would go again,” said Isabella Nguyen, a Scripps Ranch High School Junior Air Force Club student. “I think the F-35 is one of the coolest ones because those are pretty big helicopter. I know it was in the Top Gun movie.”

Vietnam Army veteran Leon Puetz showed off the restoration work he has helped with on the B-29 World War II Bomber, brought from Kansas.  

“That’s part of our job is to honor, to educate and to teach. And one that we can fly over town today and these kids with their cameras run out and take a picture of it. Take it and show it to Dad and say your grandfather flew those,” Puetz said.  

For first-timers Neal Grant and his son Henry Grant, it was all about getting an up close and personal look at military aircraft like when Henry went inside the C-130.  

“We got to sit in the cockpit,” Henry said.

Piper, a mother and military wife, came with her little ones to cheer on the man of the hour in the airshow.  

“It’s so special to say, look there is daddy,” Piper said. “So of course it’s a little closer to home and special to my heart.” 

FOX 5 asked Piper how the kids liked the show and directed the question to her daughter Catherine.  

“Good. But I didn’t like the kabooms, but I like the really warm ones,” Catherine answered. 

The MCAS Miramar Airshow is a free event for the public, and you can buy upgraded seating options.

Visitors are advised to plan for large crowds and lots of walking. It’s also strongly advised to bring ear protection for the loud noises throughout the airshow.