SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of migrants have been dropped off over the long holiday weekend in San Diego County.

Many of them have little more than the clothes on their backs with no place to go.

San Diego residents are used to seeing Border Patrol agents detaining migrants attempting to cross the border, but to see Border Patrol agents dropping migrants off is something new.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors member Jim Desmond says the county government has been caught off guard by the numbers of asylum seekers being dropped off at transit centers.

“We’ve have had, including the last three days, almost 650 migrants seeking asylum have been dropped off in San Diego County,” Desmond said.

Desmond says the County Board of Supervisors agree the federal government needs to step up to address the immediate needs of these people desperate enough to flee their own countries.

“What resources are they giving them? Are they giving them money, hotel vouchers? They’re not. They’re not giving them anything. This is the Border Patrol, they basically go from Border Patrol hands to the streets,” Desmond said.

The Border Patrol released this statement in part saying:

“CBP works diligently to ensure that releases are conducted in a safe manner and that all noncitizens released from custody are provided essential support upon release and may access transportation to continue to their destinations.”

According to Desmond, the county normally has 600 beds set aside to house those who are awaiting their asylum court date, although all of those beds are currently full.

“We’ve already got a strong homeless problem already and then to just have hundreds more dumped onto the system,” Desmond said.