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SAN DIEGO — More buses carrying 225 unaccompanied migrant girls arrived Wednesday evening at the temporary shelter at the San Diego Convention Center, Department of Health And Human Services officials said.

The girls began arriving Saturday to the emergency intake site for migrant children. In total, 948 migrant girls currently are being housed at the venue, which has a capacity of 1,400 beds.

Health officials say the number of positive COVID-19 cases remains the same at 82 as of Wednesday, with no girls needing to be hospitalized.

“I’ve been back to the center multiple times,” San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said, “and we have daily conference calls with federal partners providing feedback on what needs improvement, areas we think are going well.”

Migrant children staying at the venue are separated on different floors based on whether they have tested positive for COVID-19 or otherwise were exposed in an attempt to limit the spread. The girls are receiving shelter, care and education while waiting to be paired up with family or sponsors in the United States.

They are being sent to San Diego from overcrowded border detention facilities where kids are not supposed to be held for more than 72 hours.

Girls are expected to arrive until the center reaches capacity.

“This is really not a San Diego thing; this is an American thing,” Gloria said. “This is what we do in this country. We take care of vulnerable people.”