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SAN DIEGO – More than 300 people marched through Balboa Park Sunday in support of reproductive rights for women across the country.

The rally was organized by the San Diego grassroots organization, Breakfast Block Mutual Aid.

“What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day, than to stand up for the rights of women to be able to choose when and if they want to be mothers,” said Jody Vakili, a mother of two. 

The rally was attended by several mothers who say marching with their children was symbolic. 

“Of course, we are fighting for those who are being directly affected in Texas and all those predominately red states but this affects everyone in every state,” said Life California, co-organizer for the rally. 

The potential Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion ruling handed down from SCOTUS in 1973, has outraged the nation and San Diegans.

San Diego resident Samantha Corey says she wants to let people know and help them understand getting an abortion is not an easy decision for women. 

“The biggest myth is that it’s an easy decision, whether it’s two weeks in, or 12 weeks in, I truly believe I know people who have gotten abortions that is not the case,” Corey said. “It’s a really hard decision.”