SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of San Diegans attended a candlelight vigil in Waterfront Park Friday in front of the county administration building organized by Planned Parenthood.

Many of the speakers were emotional and detailed why they will continue to fight despite Friday’s ruling from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Those in attendance held signs, wore T-shirts and protested in response to the ruling.

“I’m here to support women’s rights, I mean I was born with it, and now it’s gone, something I never thought I would see,” Shaun Goose said.

“When I first learned about Roe V. Wade in school, I never thought that it would be overturned. But here we are,” Vanessa Carlson said.

“I’m a veteran and that is not why I served this country, why so many I loved served this country, all for our rights to be taken away,” Rachel Aldridge said.

Some people in attendance said although abortion is still legal in California, they are fighting for the rights for other women in other states, and coming together to support one another.

“Keep standing up for the fight, contact your politicians, make sure to vote, encouraging others to vote,” Rob Carlson said. “Just keeping the fight going.”